Company Overview

Strategic Location - Innovative Design - Sustainable Mining

A Unique & Differentiated Story

Strategically Located

Access to Major Markets

  • Proximity to Key Markets
    • US East Coast, Québec, New England,
      Maritime Provinces

  • Competitive Edge
    • Reduced transport time and costs
    • Industry leading GHG emissions

   Existing, Quality Infrastructure
  • Trans-Canada Highway
    • 3 km route to Trans-Canada hwy
  • Integrated Oreflow Logistics
    • Automated conveyance to the Port
  • Electrical Supply Proximity
    • 1.4km to site, 66 kV line w/ capacity
  • Dedicated Port Facility
    • 2KM from Turf Point port

Innovative Design

Technological Innovations

  • Continuous Miners and Truck Haulage
    • Battery electric haulage
    • Large-scale continuous miners


  • State of the Art Mining Equipment
    • High performance, low emissions,
      reduced ventilation

    • Incorporates electric and battery electric unit

  • Battery Electric by Design
    • Mine design and production methods
      are designed specifically for 
      battery electric vehicles
Scalability Potential
  • Adaptive Infrastructure
    • Key infrastructure designed for 4.0 Mtpa
  • Modular Expansion Capability
    • 3 Continuous Miners, 7 Haul Trucks, 1 tertiary crusher
    • Potential for 4.0 Mtpa by year 6 of commercial production


  • Extensive Resource Advantage
    • 868 Mt inferred resources, high potential to extend mine life

Sustainable Mining

Best-in-industry GHG Intensity

  • GHG study completed by Stantec in January 2024


  • Direct Emissions (Scope 1)
    • 79 t CO2e/yr
  • Indirect Emissions (Scope 2)
    • 2,293 t CO2e/yr
  • New Benchmark
    • Significantly lower GHG intensity vs. peers
    • Comparable emissions to the annual carbon footprint expected from four Newfoundland families of four
  • Innovative Practices
    • Electric Fleet
    • Extensive use of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)
  • GHG Emission Intensity 
    • Approx. 950 t CO2e/Mt of production
    • Expansion Case Potential
    • 4.0 Mtpa Reduces GHG Intensity/Mt further


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