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Flat Bay Gypsum Project

Atlas Salt’s Flat Bay Gypsum Project, 3 km southwest of Great Atlantic salt deposit, currently features early-stage and profitable open-pit production from the Ace deposit. The mine development plan for Ace was approved by Newfoundland’s Department of Natural Resources in early 2018.

Gypsum has been mined by open-pit quarry in this area since the 1950’s with historical production estimated at approximately 15 million tonnes. 

Gypsum mining is environmentally friendly and leaves behind no toxic tailings.

Project Highlights

  • Atlas sold 160,000 tonnes of gypsum/anhydrite from its Flat Bay Project Ace mine in 2021, a 69% increase over 2020 sales which were impacted by COVID-19 constraints;
  • Atlas has obtained environmental approval and a mining lease to process historic gypsum tailings at Flat Bay with a view to recovering gypsum material for sale. Tailings would be produced solely from physical crushing and screening. They were never processed with chemicals and as such are non-toxic;
  • Gypsum prices have been trending higher since 2019;
  • A decline in synthetic gypsum from coal fired power plants has boosted demand for natural gypsum;
  • Gypsum is used primarily in cement, wallboard, and drywall industries;
  • The Company is eyeing opportunities for strategic partnerships with one or more companies in the above sectors.


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