Salt vs Metal Comparison

Atlas Salt Brings the Power of SALT to Investors!

Advantages of a Salt Mine vs. a Traditional Metal Mine

  • Vastly different than the traditional high-risk, high-cost metal mine
  • Long-life operation – generations of production and cash flow
  • Risks of execution are significantly lower
  • Much more manageable capital costs
  • Streamlined permitting process
  • Limited environmental footprint – clean and green
  • No tailings
  • No chemical processing
  • Almost all ore brought to surface goes directly to market
  • No metallurgical issues
  • No grade control issues
  • Underlying commodity (salt) is recession-resistant
  • Ageing sector in North America – only 1 new mine in last 25 years 
  • U.S. and Canada face a domestic salt production shortfall
  • $5.2 billion (U.S.) in acquisitions in salt sector since 2020

Simple, stable, recession resistant salt continues to be a standout commodity.   

This should come as no surprise.    

Mark Kurlansky’s New York Times bestseller, “The History of Salt”, is a fascinating account of how this commodity, with so many uses, has played such an important role in world history.  

Salt has been one of the world’s most sought-after commodities. Empires have been built around salt and wars have been fought over the commodity. Salt has immeasurable uses and is vital to life. 

Atlas Salt, a TSX Venture 50 company in 2022 (TSXV: SALT), is Canada’s only “pure” salt play featuring a unique high-grade massive salt deposit (Great Atlantic) in a top tier jurisdiction. Great Atlantic is ideally positioned to become a “Salt Factory” in the heart of the robust Eastern North America road salt market.  


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